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If you would like to join one of our email discussion groups, you can do so by email or by using this form. Currently, the available choices are:

The main discussion group. It's a high-volume forum, with people of all levels discussing all kinds of things about Klingon, and sometimes in Klingon. The Beginner's Grammarian is always there to help you out.
The same forum, only in "digest" form, which means instead of getting every post, you get fewer emails, each one consisting of several posts stuck together. Some people prefer this format. It makes it harder to stay in the thick of rapid-fire discussions, but it also means you're not getting quite so much mail.
The tlhIngan-Hol forum now only allows already-subscribed readers to post to it (posts from others go to a moderator for special approval). This cuts down (dramatically) on the spam that list-readers are subjected to. If you want to be able to post to the list but not receive any mail (if, for example, you plan to read the list on the website, or if you want to post from a different address than you normally receive the mail on), you can add yourself to the list of permitted posters by joining this "allow" list.
This is our low-volume, announcements-only list. Only KLI announcements go out in this forum, not general discussions. We try to send out at least one monthly announcement, with matters of general interest to KLI members and Klingon-loving folk everywhere, and occasionally make more frequent announcements, to publicize upcoming events, etc.

To subscribe to one of these groups, enter your choice and your email address below. You will get a confirmation email in order to verify that you really want to be added (and it isn't just someone else trying to stuff your mailbox). The confirmation email explains how to complete your subscription. You can unsubscribe at any time, of course: instructions for that are provided when you subscribe as well.

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