Awards for the Klingon Language Institute Website

The KLI website continues to receive a wide assortment of awards and recognition, both for its general contribution to the web and more specifically its value to the Klingon and Star Trek communities. Individuals as well as other institutions have honored us for our work, and spread word of our efforts throughout the globe. Some of the awards we have received (as well as links back to their respective sites) are provided below (some links have been removed since they no longer work).

[This site is in the TOP 5% of the Web!] [Magellan 3-star Site ***] [AdZe MiXXe Cosmic Site of the Night] [WebNut(c) Approved] [U.S.S. Internet Star Trek Site of the Week Rank: Captain ] [Required Reading: Graduate Program in Exopolitics] [Approved by Da Man] [Deep Space Nine Cool Site] [Medaille d'Or for Web Site Excellence] [Unique Page Personality Award] [Sci-Fi Site of the Week] [Star Trek Nexus Top Pick: Only the best of Trek on the Net] [K'Mel's Honor Site -- Best of the Web!] [Fek'lhr Approved Site] [Wide Range] [Best Trek of the Week] [Gloriana's Class Act Award] [LookSmart Editor's Choice] [BONUS.COM: The SuperSite for Kids] [EddieBear's Bear Essentials Award] [WoDaN Best Site] [Red Hot Link] [Angel Swan Outstanding Star Trek Site] [Total TV Top Ten] [Approved by The Ministry] [Listed by SCI-FInder] [Secret Einstein Award] [The Samuel Award] [AskJeeves Silver Platter Award] [Smart Computing Top Site] [Winner of the Exolang Award] [Webshots Cool Site of the Day] [Top Site Awards]
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